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What to Wear | Mother’s Day

Finally! A day for you to take it easy and let the family take care of themselves. (Yeah, right!) I’ve been seeing a lot of mother’s day outfits that are full of flowers and dresses, all geared towards fancy mother’s day brunches and delicate outings with the fam. While I love the idea of doing that, that’s not really my style. I’d much rather head to the park with my toddler or take a walk on the beach. I want to spend the day playing with her because that’s what I love most about being a mom. I don’t want my mother’s day to feel like my little one should follow me around and do what I want to do all day, nor do I want to spend the day locked in my bedroom eating in bed, though the intentions are heartwarming. I want to celebrate being a mom by doing what we both love, and what we both love is spending laid back time together.

So, I figured I’d share my casual mommy day outfit with you. Jeans, an easy tank (flowy enough to hide the evidence of pregnancy), some sneakers, and a light jacket. That’s it. The light pink will compliment the natural glow in your cheeks, and denim shows in photographs really well, too – both staged and candid.  I added that necklace for the mommas with teething babies because it’s actually a teething toy for you to wear!


Are you up for a casual mother’s day in tank tops and denim? Let me know what your plans are in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out the most recent photo shoots of my momma clients and their precious little ones on my instagram@ https://instagram.com/lesleyveronikaphotography/ .


Causal Mother's Day



Lily Pezzullo-FrankWhat to Wear | Mother’s Day

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