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Have you ever felt like a fraud? | Body Positivity

Have you ever felt like a fraud? I know I am currently feeling it. As a family photographer who promotes body positivity, I haven’t always loved my body. For a long time I did, love my body that is. As a kid growing up I never understood why women looked at images of themselves and picked apart every little thing …

lesleyHave you ever felt like a fraud? | Body Positivity
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“You are your worst critic” | Body Positivity

Have you done this? Look in the mirror and find a flaw in your body and fixate on it until you hate that part of yourself. I think the quote, “You are your worst critic” is so true. We have spent most of our lives looking at photoshopped images of women that aren’t real and expecting ourselves to fit into that unrealistic standard …

lesley“You are your worst critic” | Body Positivity

True Beauty

True Beauty  If you know me, you know, I truly believe in all women loving their bodies. Body image is not easy. Somedays it can cripple us, other days we can wear out highest of high heels and strut our confidence. I often post words of encouragement towards loving your body and your fellow lady on social media. In my …

lesleyTrue Beauty
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Real Beauty | Wilmington NC Family Photographer

Real Beauty Dove, you know the soap company, did a study on real beauty. According to @dove only 11% of girls globally feel confident enough to say they feel beautiful. 11%!! That makes me want to cry.   What is it that we are teaching our daughters? Shouldn’t we be building up their confidence? Telling them everyday, they are beautiful …

lesleyReal Beauty | Wilmington NC Family Photographer
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Real Beauty | Family Photography

What is real beauty? My family photography practice has a stand for something that I deeply care about – real beauty. You are used to the stick figure model. Real beauty is not getting dolled up in gobs of makeup and ridiculous hair. I have struggled with, the women in my life, constantly criticizing the way they look and I know first …

lesleyReal Beauty | Family Photography