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What I wish I could say to mom’s as a family photographer

What I wish I could say to mom’s who hate how they look in their family portraits…

As a family photographer, there is nothing more that I want in my business then for you to LOVE your family portraits. After I hit publish on a teaser on social media or show your images to you, I wait. I wait for the response to see how much you like or dislike your images. I LOVE every single image I take and I want you to love them even more then I do. The most rewarding part of my job is hearing how much you love your family portraits.

One of the most difficult parts of my job is hearing how much you don’t like the way you look in your family portraits. I hear it, the comments, the pokes at your appearance. Or my least favorite of all,  you want me to use your children as a ‘shield’ for your body.

It’s really difficult for me to hear those things and here’s why… As an artist, I see you! I see you the way your children see you, I see the way you love and care for your kids. How you would do anything for them, how patient you are with them and how you make them laugh.

I see how they cling to you, want to be near you all the time and how they never want to be put down. Believe me I know it’s frustrating. I see how they feel safe in your arms. How they snuggle into you, yes even if it means drooling on you or messing up your hair.

Perfect is boring

No matter how hard you try, your family portraits won’t be perfect. But perfect is boring. And I promise you, one day you will look back on these images and remember how your child felt safe in your arms.

In fifteen years, you won’t be wishing you were 10 pounds lighter, you’ll be wishing you could jump back to this time when your children needed you the most.

Thats the beauty of photography. Capturing life exactly how it is in all its messiness. There will come a time that you will miss the messiness of life and you will be so thrilled to have images that perfectly capture this moment in time.

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