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Tyler’s music | Wilmington NC Photographer

I am so excited to show you this session. Tyler is a friend of mine. We worked together at Front Street Brewery, what feels like a lifetime ago! She contacted me last month about doing some promo materials for herself. She is an amazing singer and guitar player. And you need to go check her out when she plays! To see where she is playing check out her Facebook page here. She doesn’t do to much of the bar scene, so if you have kiddos, bring them along. Its perfect!

She mentioned she wanted to have her photos taken at Fort Fisher. We arrived about an hour before sunset. We started chatting (we haven’t seen each other in about 4 years) and taking her photos. Another photographer was there and he started chatting us up. He mentioned there was going to be a full moon tonight. Oh, ohhh! We were so excited. At sunset we walked out into an opening in the trees and got some amazing sunset photos. Then, literally 5 minutes later we walked over to the beach side and the full moon started to rise over the ocean. It was amazing. I just started snapping away and am so thrilled with the photos. Tyler loves them as well! It was pretty amazing that we haven’t seen each other in 4 years and by chance we came together on the summer solstice.

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