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Three things your family photographer wants you to know

Three things your family photographer wants you to know –

These are three things that all family photographers wish everyone knew. ⁠

1. Let go of perfect⁠
2. Your kids are going to misbehave. 😳
3. You do not need to lose weight first. ⁠

– The best family portraits are about human connection. So you are not spending quality time with your kids, having fun with them or engaging with them, if you are worried about how you look or what your kids are doing while I’m photographing them. You’ll miss the opportunity to connect with your kids. ⁠

– Yes your kids will not listen! If I had a quarter for everytime someone apologized for their kids behavior during their family session I would be a millioniare. We really really do NOT care if your child misbehaves. Its going to happen. And we dont care! Kids will be kids and you can not expect them to behave during a 60 or even a 30 minute session. Its really hard for kids… even teenagers. ⁠

– Its the top thing I hear… “I want to lose weight before I get in those family portraits.” NO YOU DONT! (Yes I yelled that, I want the people in back to hear me… you really dont need to lose weight first.) Your kids love you as you are. Please get in those photos with your babies. When they grow up they will want you in those family portraits. ⁠

Really! I promise you won’t regret these!


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