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Senior Swimsuit Session

Bulling helped me become the person I am today.

Teenagers have more pressure in society than ever before. There is a social pressure to act, look and be a certain way. This is exacerbated by social media and cell phones. I know I am going to totally age myself… but those things were not there when I was a teenager. Phones and social media, I mean. haha! Societal pressure has always been there… at least as long a I roamed the earth… yes “roamed” because I’m a dinosaur. LOL!

Pressure from other girls, society and media has always been there. I was bullied as early as 5th grade!!! And bulling continued for me until high school It wasn’t in college until I realized how much bullying and the need to fit in affected who I was becoming and who I am today.

Dont be a mean girl!

This is one of my favorite sessions for my senior model program. There is nothing easy about being photographed in your bathing suit. This session is not about looking a certain way, or comparing yourself to the girl next to you. Its about being brave enough to stand next to these ladies and know that you are all beautiful on the inside and out and to support one another in this crazy thing called life. And that is what the Senior Model Program is really about… its not about looking like a super model, because lets be honest, even super models don’t look like super models (superficial society standards, photoshop, lighting, posing and even make up, make super models what they are… plastic) Don’t be a mean girl, don’t be plastic. Be YOURSELF! And this year long program helps promote this idea of being yourself and supporting other women rather then tearing them down because they are different then you!


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