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Tips and tricks for picking your senior session outfits

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Picking your senior session outfit

I know picking out your outfit for the day is already a big decision, so when the outfit is going to be photographed, the pressure is really on. But I have some tips and suggestions that will hopefully ease the decision process for you.

Tip 1:

I know you’re tempted to wear white to show off that sun-kissed glow, but white might actually wash you out. Try going for more spring tones and pastel colors for your outfits. The light colors will not wash you out and will give a soft effect in the photos.


Tip 2:

Now, you don’t have to wear a ball gown, but you should dress up a little: casual chic. I like to equate it to maybe an outfit you’d wear to a nice restaurant. I suggest a nice dress or skirt, but if you’d prefer pants, maybe palazzo pants with a cute tank.

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Check out this dress on Amazon that is very similar to the one Lindsey is wearing above. 

Tip 3:

A little lesson in photography: you want your clothes to be slightly flowy. This will create movement in the photographs of you and be more aesthetically pleasing. I know it seems like a small tip, but it does make a difference.

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Here is the skirt pictured in the image above. 


I hope these tips make the morning of your photo-shoot more relaxing. Just remember to dress how you feel comfortable. Don’t stress about picking your senior session outfit. The biggest tip is to dress like yourself. Being happy and feeling uniquely you will give you the best photos. You’ll reflect about how beautiful you felt that day and not obsess over the blouse you wore.


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