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Being a senior can be like a sundae of excitement, pressure and a sprinkle of self-doubt but confidence is the key to success.

Teenagers have more pressure than ever to be Instagram ready. It is my goal to help instill body positivity in you through your senior portrait session. It is so important to learn this lesson at a young age. My senior portraits session will help you build confidence and realize how strong and resilient you are.


Signature Session

An unlimited session, includes up to three locations and several outfit changes. It includes all the digital images from your session OR you can use it as credit towards prints, albums or canvases. This session is $570. Add friends for $50 each.
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Classic Session

A 40 minute session with one outfit and one location. This session is $350 and it is used as a credit towards prints, albums or canvases or digital images.

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Wilmington Senior Portraits with Lesley Veronika

Society and the media have convinced you that you need to be stick thin to be worthy. While there is nothing wrong with being skinny, you also have to realize that the same principle applies to all body types. Extra weight, stretch marks, freckles, big noses, they are ALL gorgeous. It matters that you accept yourself so that everyone else will. And trust me on this one, girls: Nothing is more beautiful than confidence. When you walk into a room fully loving yourself, you radiate and everyone can notice.

But we have to remember that body positivity is not a destination, it’s a journey. So that means that every day you have to work on this and it won’t just stay once you get there. You’ll have good and bad days. And that is exactly why you should get a senior portrait session. You also want to commemorate this time in your life. You just spent four years in high school and have made a huge life accomplishment, so it’s your time to celebrate and treat yourself to a senior portrait session. You want to look back on this time and remember all the good things, and this is the perfect way to do that. A senior portrait session will help you through this journey by taking photos so you can remember what it felt like to feel confident in your own skin.

Learning body positivity before you start the rest of your life is so important. When you and other senior girls learn this immense life lesson, you can start teaching it to others and it has a snowball effect. Then, before you realize it, all the girls you know and meet are confident and glowing because they love themselves down to the core. 

Body positivity can change the world, so book your Wilmington senior portraits session today to start the change.