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Our Summer Bucket List | Family Beach Portraits


Schools out! For most of us, our kiddos are out of school. The realization popped in to my head a few days ago. I have to keep my children entertained for three months. 



Our Summer Bucket List

I have to admit there is a lot more screen time on summer vacation that I’d like to admit. But hey, this mama, still works. When my kids aren’t in front of their Kindles, I do make sure we have as many fun activities jammed into our summer as possible. Every year we have a pretty similar summer bucket list.  I wanted to share it with you. I hope this becomes your saving grace this summer! Enjoy! 

  1. Beach – the girls and I love the beach so we spend a ton of time there over the summer. Best part, its FREE! 🙂 
  2. Speaking of water, we go in the sprinkler A LOT over the summer. My girls can run through the sprinkler for hours. 
  3. Playdates – We love our friends, so we try and make sure we see them A LOT over the summer. Plus we don’t have a pool in our neighborhood so what better way to get a pool day in then a playdate with your friend? Thanks to all our friends with pools! ; )
  4. SMORES – We have a fire pit and what child doesn’t love marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers
  5. We make a TON of popsicles. Its so easy! We bought the molds on amazon two years ago and they’re still going strong! You can get the popsicle molds we use here. We add lemonade and strawberries and then freeze! There is no added sugar and the girls LOVE them! MOM WIN!
  6. Mini Golf – Amelia is too little but we take Olivia mini golfing every summer and she loves it.
  7. Blueberry picking – Every summer we go blueberry picking. Its hot and Amelia is eating the green un-ripe blueberries right off the bush. *Insert sigh here*. But the girls love it!
  8. Movie night – We pick a few nights over the summer to have a family movie night. We rent a movie or pick one we already own, make popcorn and snuggle up together on the couch. We recently bought The Little Mermaid from Amazon. Olivia’s new favorite movie! 
  9. We go downtown to Kilwin’s for some ice cream. Its definitely our favorite ice cream spot. 
  10. Ok, shameless plug… Lots of portraits! We get our family portraits taken and I take a ton of photos of the girls. These memories are important to me and I want to make sure I remember my kiddos this summer. <3 

Since, my kiddos are home for the summer and I want to get in as much mommy/daughter time as possible I take an extremely limited amount of sessions each June, July and August. So, if you want those family beach portraits, get on the books now!

I have two spots left for June, three spots left for July and six spots left for August. Email me at lesley@lesleyveronikaphotography.com or fill out the form below to book your family session. 


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