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Olivia’s First Year | Wilmington NC Family Photographer

So, if you’ve read my blog before you know how much I stress the importance of capturing every stage in your child’s life. So many people spend a crazy amount of money on the latest fashion or newest technology but when it comes to reserving their families memories they don’t want to spend the money. Photography is an investment, 50 years from now you will not be looking at your family photos on a computer… who knows what the latest technology will be then! You will be looking at your family portraits, hanging on your wall or in a beautiful keepsake album…. well hopefully you will be. :/ I understand that not everyone can afford family photography once a month but how about once a year. Save up like you would for a family vacation, a new couch or that new car that you’ve always wanted. So, for the other 364 days of the year I am here to teach you how to capture your own family. Example one: Your new baby! I captured my little Olivia every single month her first year… and you know why… because she changed soooo much… well see for yourself!


These photos were super easy to take to… all I did was lay down one of my favorite blankets on the floor in front of Olivia’s bedroom window. I laid her parallel to the window and leaned over her. Make sure you have your camera strap around your neck… you do not want the camera to fall on your baby! Remember Safety First! And then snap away! 🙂


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