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How to survive motherhood as an introvert

Are you an introvert… do you want to learn the secret of surviving motherhood as an introvert?

Hey, introvert here. 🙋‍♀️ As a mom and an introvert the constant need for attention and help from my kids is exhausting, overwhelming and it gives me anxiety. (I understand that it’s hard for all or most moms, but this is just my experience.)⁠
I crave alone time and need it to recharge. I always make sure to take time for myself. It’s been a bit harder lately, with the hustle of toting kids to school and extracurricular activities. I am craving the monotony of what life was like during the pandemic when it first started.The quiet and the slowness of it all. Haha!

Luckily through the years of motherhood I’ve learned how to “survive” my children’s constant need for attention.

  1. Embrace your introvert-ness. The first step is to truly accept that you are introverted and just because you are doesn’t make you a bad mother. The fact that you show up everyday despite being burnt out or needing alone time just proves you are a great mother. It’s not about changing who you are, its about accepting it and making external changes to make your life work around your needs as an introvert. It’s not always easy with kids, but you can do it!
  2. Career Shift. If it’s possible, change your career to work less with people. Luckily, I am a family photographer. I work from home and 85% of my job involves sitting on a computer. I understand that it may not be possible for you but it can be a big help. If you are working with people all day and then go home to your kids, its no wonder you are completely drained and burnt out.
  3. Out of the home childcare. Yes, this one is a must. Getting the kids out of the house even just a couple of hours a week can help tremendously. The key is though, take that time, at least some of it, to do something for you to recharge. You know that whole self care thing! 😉
  4. Quiet time for kids. My kids are out of the napping stage. However, I still insist on 40 minutes of quiet time for my kids. This is a must! Especially if you can can not shift your career to be less face to face with people or if out of home care is too expensive for you. Insisting that your children play quietly and independently in their rooms for a small portion of the day can help you regain your energy to get you through to bed time. I mean we all have that sluggish feeling around 1 or 2pm, especially those of us with kids.

These 4 things help me to be a better mother. Don’t get me wrong, I still crave alone time A LOT. However, these four things help me to be more present and patient with my kids and have helped me survive motherhood as an introvert. 😉 Follow me on Instagram here for more tips!



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