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How to enjoy your summer in a bathing suit | Body Positivity

Its summer time! You know what that means? Life in a bathing  suit!

Beach, Pool, backyard, all the time we are in a bathing suit for the next three months.

Do you want to let go of shame so you can enjoy your summer in a bathing suit?⁠

No really, can you picture it? Playing with your kiddos on the beach in your bikini and not worrying what you look like. That is what I want for you this summer so here’s two things that can really help you move past the body shame this summer…

1. Think about why you have the shame? Is it unrealistic body standards, are you worried about what other people think, did someone, maybe even a loved one make a comment about your body at some point in your life? Instead of living in your shame or hiding because of your body shame, really get down and dirty and think about why you feel this way? ⁠

2.Be kind! Yep that’s right! As humans we have a tendency to project our own insecurities on to other people. When we judge people to harshly it”s because we are judging ourselves that harshly. But instead of talking behind someones back or being negative towards them, give them a compliment, even if it’s the thing you hate the most about yourself. ⁠

Click here to get three more ways to be more body positive or fill out the form below! And check out what I am doing to keep my kids entertained this summer. Click here to check out our summer bucket list.


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