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Downtown Wilmington NC | Joaquin Family Portraits

Photographing the Joaquin Family

in downtown Wilmington NC was just perfect! Well, almost… it could have been a tad cooler. 😉 But summers in North Carolina are anything but cool! I love when families want their images in downtown Wilmington NC. There are so many amazing spots and grungy alleyways that I could photograph families there 100 times and they would all have completely different images. So when Kelsey picked downtown Wilmington for her family portraits I knew its was going to perfect!

Neighborly love

Zach and Kelsey used to be our neighbors. Right before the arrival of their sweet little boy in December, they bought a house that was bigger for their growing family. So when Kelsey contacted me to still be her family photographer, I was ecstatic. Kelsey knew she wanted a downtown Wilmington Family Session right away. So we met one early morning in July in front of Downtown Wilmington’s newest restaurant, Seabird. It was hot and humid, but it wasn’t the slightest bit of a bother for this trio. 

Downtown Wilmington NC Family Portraits

Aiden was as sweet and smiley as ever. I just looked at him and he gave me the biggest smiles. As the morning wore on so did the heat and by the end we were all HOT. But Zach and Kelsey didn’t skip a beat, they snuggled with Aiden, smiled and gave him tickles and kisses. It was the sweetest morning and one of my favorites. Check out all the images of the adorable family of three below.

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