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Body Positivity after the Holidays

Having good self esteem and a healthy body image after the Holidays is soooo hard.

We ate sugar, carbs and a whole lot of food since, lets be real… Halloween. Two months of parties, family get togethers, work related events and the food and booze are flowing at all the places. Society, typically gains, on average 10 pounds during the Holidays. Its easy to get thrown into the shame spiral of, “I ate too much, I gained weight, I dont like the way I look.”

January hits and then so do the non stop ads… diets, quick fixes and detox plans. Seriously I have received more weight loss ads in the last two weeks then I have all year. They pop up on my social media platforms by influencers and brand ads. They’re telling me that if I buy this or that, I will lose the Holiday Weight quickly. Read that again… QUICKLY! There is no quick fix for losing weight quickly. Weight loss is a journey… it doesn’t happen over night. I hope, if you decide to take that journey, you are doing it for the right reasons and the reason isnt to be thin.

For me, body positivity isnt about being a certain number on a scale or having a certain number stitched on to your clothes. Body positivity is about excepting yourself as you are at any number on a scale. Its about realizing that the size 6 pants that use to fit you dont fit you any more and its ok to buy a size 8 pair of pants.

So if you have decided on a New Years Resolution to lose weight,

please remember to…

  1. Stop comparing yourself to those highlight reels on IG.
  2. Think about changing your goal to be more healthy instead of losing weight (For example cutting sugar out of your diet or exercising more.)
  3. Remember that change takes time.
  4. And lastly know that you are beautiful. So love your body, no matter what number shows up on that scale.

Its really easy to get caught up on Influencers perfectly curated IG feeds. Or society telling you need some crappy product to help you lose weight and feel better. But just remember to tell that inner mean girl to shut it. If you are looking for ways to be more body positive then check out my freebee by filling out the form below and follow me on Instagram here. 🙂

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