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4th of July Portrait Session | Mommy Photography Program

4th of July Portraits

Happy 4th of July!


This year for the Mommy Photography Program I knew I wanted to do 4th of July Portraits. It was so much fun coming up with the vintage style set. I chose an American flag background and for good reason. That flag belong to my husband, John’s grandfather from World War 2. The flag is 80 years old and its starting to show. It might be the last time I use it… its starting to tear on the ends. Since its a family heirloom, we don’t want it to tear any further.

All the kiddos had a blast with the set. They loved picking the different glitter stars and mini American flags. Even sweet, little, 9 month old Peyton kept trying to grab them during her session. Every single kiddo switched between flags and stars as their prop of choice.

My first session of the day was Jaxon and his twin brother and sister, Grayson and Peyton. Jaxon was a wonderful helper with his little brother and sister. He made sure they had starts too! Greyson was very stoic, he sat and looked around but never gave me a smile.

Next was Weston and his mom and dad. They decide to join in the festivities as well! I photographed a few of Weston by himself and then with just dad and mom. We ended the session with all three of them.

Emilia was next on my schedule and she LOVES to get her picture taken. She was coming up with ideas on what to do how to pose and where to do the photos. Watch out world! Emilia is coming for you!

And last but certainly not least was of sweet 8 day old Harris and his sister Callie Jane! Mom text me a week before the 4th of July Portrait Session and told me that Harris made an early appearance into the world. I was so excited that I could capture the sweet bundle of joy along with his sister for this session.

Check out all the images by scrolling down or check out the slideshow of images here.




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