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Real Beauty | Wilmington NC Family Photographer

Real Beauty

Dove, you know the soap company, did a study on real beauty. According to @dove only 11% of girls globally feel confident enough to say they feel beautiful. 11%!! That makes me want to cry. 😥  What is it that we are teaching our daughters? Shouldn’t we be building up their confidence? Telling them everyday, they are beautiful and telling ourselves, we are beautiful. After all a healthy body image starts with you!

I am not here to lecture you, I am here to tell you, you are beautiful both inside and out. You should feel that way about yourself. Your daughters should see that confidence in you, so she can have the courage to say, “I’m beautiful!” Because if we are constantly putting our self down, how can we expect our daughters to not do the same? It’s my personal mission to capture you, to make you feel beautiful and to have the courage and confidence to get your portraits taken with your children. 


Call, text or email or even tag below, your daughters, mothers, sisters and friends and tell them they are beautiful. Because hearing those words from someone you love is the first step to building confidence! It starts with you!


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Drop me a line if your interested in getting beautiful family portraits taken with your kiddos. 

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lesleyReal Beauty | Wilmington NC Family Photographer

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