Lauren’s Mommy and Me Session at Long Leaf Park

Mommy and Me Session

Lauren’s Mommy and Me Session this year was at Long Lead Park, previously known as Hugh Macrea Park. The location was absolutely gorgeous for a photo session. We started with a picnic and then walked through the paths and bridges and to the pond to take pictures. Even though it was hot and humid, Lauren’s daughters, Paige and Reagan, were models in front of the camera. The girls are always naturals in front of the camera because this is their fourth year in the Mommy Program. Lauren started the first year I began the program and has been with me ever since! Even after the program started two months late because of COVID.

Mommy Photography Program

I am so excited to share the photos from Lauren’s Mommy and Me Session. Getting to see her and her girls for four years is a real treat for me. I love watching the dynamic of moms and their children when I take their portraits. Although sometimes moms are hesitant to get their photos taken, I think it is so important to get pictures taken with their kids so they can look back and cherish those moments together.

After four years, Lauren has heard my rant several times about moms not wanting their photos taken, or women in general being too critical of themselves. It is my mission as a photographer to empower women. I want every single photo I take to make the woman in front of the camera feel strong and beautiful. That is the whole point of the Mommy Program; to make women feel empowered and comfortable in their own skin.

 Thank you Lauren

Lauren, thank you so much for coming back for a fourth year! Even through a hot and humid day and a pandemic, you still got to enjoy some time with your girls and I am so grateful that I got to capture that for you. Hope to see you and the girls again next year!


Family photographer, Mommy and Me session, Wilmington NC Family photographer, Mommy and Me session, Wilmington NC


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Belle FrankLauren’s Mommy and Me Session at Long Leaf Park

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