True Beauty

True Beauty 

If you know me, you know, I truly believe in all women loving their bodies. Body image is not easy. Somedays it can cripple us, other days we can wear out highest of high heels and strut our confidence. I often post words of encouragement towards loving your body and your fellow lady on social media.

In my mommy program, I encourage self love and confidence through family photos and mommy and me images. This year we did bathing suits on the beach and I jumped in whole heartedly with my bikini, pregnant belly and swollen feet. A fellow follower on Instagram messaged me a few weeks later and this is what she said, “Thank you for the inspiration of being brave enough to wear a swimsuit during any stage of motherhood. We did our maternity photos here in Bath last weekend. At the end I decided to put on my swimsuit and ask for just a couple of personal pictures. We have not seen them all yet but this was a sneak peak our photographer Dana Jo sent to me. I am in love and so very thankful for the inspiration. Hope it makes you smile to know you are touching and encouraging others.” One of her gorgeous images (taken by Dana Jo Photography) is pictured above. 

You have no idea how unbelievably happy this makes me. I never considered myself to be an inspiration to anyone. I just want women to feel good about the way they look. In today’s society of women constantly comparing themselves to other women, especially celebrities and super models, I want women to just feel good about themselves. There is NOTHING easy about having your picture taken in your bathing suit. But those beautiful ladies that are brave enough to do it, I know they will stand a little taller, and feel a little better about themselves. Will women ever stop thinking negatively towards their bodies? Probably not! But if I can encourage just one woman to think about negative body image a little less then normal, then I’ve done my job. 

Thank you Kandice for allowing me to share your beautiful image. You looked stunning in all your maternity pictures and I am so unbelievably happy to hear that you are happy with this stage in your life, as you should be! 

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