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Have you ever felt like a fraud? | Body Positivity

Have you ever felt like a fraud?

I know I am currently feeling it. As a family photographer who promotes body positivity, I haven’t always loved my body. For a long time I did, love my body that is. As a kid growing up I never understood why women looked at images of themselves and picked apart every little thing about their bodies. Cue baby number one. My sweet little Olivia brought more joy in my life then I could ever imagine.

But I hid it oh so well… my postpartum depression and my struggle with body positivity. I was  terrified to tell anyone how I was feeling including my doctor. My Postpartum depression stemmed from internalizing my own self criticism towards my new body. I lied, I lied to everyone, to John, my family, my friends and clients. I was terrified to tell anyone about my feelings. How could I promote body positivity if I couldn’t even manage my own self worth towards my body. It took a lot of hard work but I finally fell out of my self loathing.

Cue baby number two.

I was so terrified about falling into the same shame spiral. But I wouldn’t let myself. After my second daughter, Amelia, was born I had a boudoir session. It was the most empowering thing I have ever done. I always LOVED photography, but right then, looking at those images, made me realize that photography is a powerful tool. And I made it my mission to help women everywhere feel strong and empowered. And not just with boudoir photography. Encouraging women feel confident, whether you’re a mama taking portraits with your babies or a high school senior who maybe a little shy, I am here for you! I have built a space for you to feel loved, accepted and comfortable. 

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lesleyHave you ever felt like a fraud? | Body Positivity

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