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Me and My Daughter | Wilmington NC Family Photographer

As a family photographer, I make an effort to have photos of myself and my daughter. 

I am so unbelievably thrilled with this image of me and Olivia. As a Wilmington NC family photographer, I am always behind the camera. It seems as though the times I pass the camera to someone else, Olivia is uncooperative. Most of the images of the two of us are silly faces and funny poses. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE those images. I will cherish those images however those are not the kinds of images you put on your wall. haha! Well, maybe they are… they are just my style. If you’ve been to my house you know. All the images of Olivia at my house are serious photos. I LOVE serious photos, especially of kiddos. There is nothing more natural then a serious look on a child’s face. 

When I passed the camera to my husband during our Christmas Session, once again Olivia was being uncooperative. She is always a doll with my husband. But for some reason with me, she’s just silly or uncooperative. You should see the gorgeous images with Olivia and my husband. They are so sweet. Don’t worry, Ill post a few of those also. So when I saw this image of the two of us, I literally jumped for joy. Because this image will be one that I frame and take out every Christmas. I know that when I pull it out of the attic and place it in the living room among the years and years of Christmas photos, I will remember this Christmas. The Christmas with Olivia, the Christmas we baked cookies, and drove around looking at Christmas lights, and wrapped presents together and watched Christmas movies together. And although, I know we will those things every Christmas, this Christmas will forever be in my heart. <3


Check out the Blueberry Session I took of my daughter over the summer. 



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lesleyMe and My Daughter | Wilmington NC Family Photographer

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