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As a family photographer I get asked all the time about how to take candid photos of kids. With a little one and 6 years of family photography experience I know how it is! Children are so unpredictable, especially those toddler years. They are constantly on the move, learning their independence and having fun is the only thing on their mind. Its this, that makes them so adorable and very difficult to capture all at the same time. You’ve heard me ingrain it into your head… that’s why I highly recommend taking them to a professional photographer. OK, I’m not here to lecture you… When you do get that one perfect candid picture of your child, its an amazing feeling!

We all know that Olivia is a natural in front of the camera. 😉 And I’m not saying that because shes my kid… she’s had a camera shoved in her face since she was born. When I have my camera, the first thing she does is pose. When I have my camera attached to my face, one of the first things I do is get nice and close to hers and then snap.

One of the  best things about kids, unlike adults, they don’t mind you getting in their personal space, especially your own kid. Sit outside in the grass or at the beach and ask them to show you something, a flower, a shell. Then just start snapping. Don’t wait for them to look at you, just shoot. Some of my favorite photos, Olivia is not even looking at the camera. Try to stay close to the ground, as eye level as you can get. Try shooting many different angles, from above, below, without looking through the viewfinder… just focus and snap. Try to use a 14mm, 35mm or 50mm. You can keep them dead center in the image or off to the side, cropping their head off or completely in the photo. The possibilities are endless. Just have fun and remember to enjoy your kids!

Let me know your tips to photographing your kids in the comments below!


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lesleyHow to Photograph your Kids | Wilmington NC Family Photographer

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